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So a funny thing happens when you become a parent…life seems to move exponentially faster with each passing day. Sound familiar? Although we can’t technically slow life down, we can record the moments that are the most meaningful so that we can re-live them for years to come. Have you ever stopped to think what it is you wanted to remember most?

When I first spoke with Courtney about her family and what she wanted to remember the most, it was the beauty in the everyday. She commented on how much she loved some of the simple traditions her family enjoyed like going to the park, visiting their favorite coffee shop and enjoying quality time at home. We decided that filming a Day in the Life Family Film would give us the opportunity to truly capture an authentic snapshot of their season of life as a family of three.

All the credit goes to Courtney and how natural she is in front of a camera, but I must compliment it in any case along with how wonderful her family was. Their session was warm, welcoming and so very natural. Henry was an absolute joy to be with as I captured his personality and documented some of his current interests like diggers, Paw Patrol and PJ Masks. Their family dynamic was inspiring and well balanced. You could tell their was a lot of love and respect between the three of them.

Check out their Family Film and some moments from their session:

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Danielle Blewitt is a family and newborn photographer in the North Hills of Pittsburgh that specializes in family films in addition to candid, lifestyle photos. Keepsake films are brand new to Pittsburgh, but growing in popularity around the world. Every family has a unique story that deserves to be documented and preserved. Films put your memories in motion, you can see them, hear them and most importantly feel them. Follow Danielle Blewitt Photography on Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo for recent projects.

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