12 Photos You Must Take of Your Kids this Summer

A Summer Memories Photos Checklist

Is there anything more fun than being a kid on summer break? Think back to your childhood...what are your fondest memories of summer? If you are like me, there is a beautiful nostalgia that surrounds memories of summer. Swimming, catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows....there is so much goodness that happens in this season.

And the good news for us...it is just beginning! Don't let summer slip away. Seize every opportunity to embrace and enjoy this season of life and make sure you're recording it all for your children to have to look back on when they are older.

Here is a Summer Memories Must-Do Checklist meant to inspire you!

1. Catching Bugs -- Whether it's fireflies or something else that slimy or squirmy, kids love catching bugs. Keep them up one night to find lighting bugs or follow along as they search for something wiggly.

photo of little girl holding a catepillar
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #1: Catching Bugs

2. Jumping in Muddy Puddles -- If you (or more specifically your kids) are a fan of Peppa Pig, you know something about "jumping in muddy puddles." Embrace the rain this summer and let your kids be kids, even if it means a little extra laundry!

little boy jumping in a muddle puddle
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #2: Jumping in Muddy Puddles

3. Picking Flowers -- I loved picking dandelions, smelling flowers and blowing what may now appear to be a weed to me, but to my kids it's called a "wishy."

Little girl blowing a dandelion
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #3: Picking Flowers

4. Vacation Nights -- Summer vacations are so sweet, so needed and often times so tiring but memorable. Capture some of your vacation nights which could include a beach sunset, campfires and more.

little boy on a beach at sunset
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #4: Summer Nights

5. Water Fun -- Pools, sprinklers and slip and slides are summer favorites. Don't forget to capture some of the action of these fun activities.

little girl in a pool
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #5: Water Fun

6. Beach Time -- Sun and sand....ahhh... are you dreaming of the beach yet? Digging in the sand, swimming in the surf, lounging on a beach towel. Capture all the goodness that comes with a beach vacation.

two little girls walking the beach at geneva-on-the-lake, ohio
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #6: Beach Time

7. Summer Snacking -- Does anything scream summer more than a fresh slice of watermelon? Whether it's an iced treat, a visit from the ice cream truck or a gooey s'more, indulge yourself and snap a few photos along the way.

little boy eating a slice of watermelon in the summer
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #7: Summer Snacking

8. Backyard Fun -- Summer fun doesn't require a lot. Our backyards hold some of the best activities for those seeking fun and adventure. Don't overlook the beauty in the every day places your kids enjoy their time.

little girl swinging into the clouds
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #8: Backyard Fun

9: Watching Fireworks -- Whether it's sparklers on the fourth, a few bottle rockets in the backyard or a full blown Fourth of July celebration, capture the awe and wonder of kids watching fireworks.

little boy holding an american flag watching fireworks
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #9: Watching Fireworks

10: Berry Picking -- There is something so fun about picking your own berries. If you haven't done this, check in with your local farms to see if they offer it. My kids definitely ate their weight in strawberries when we took them last year but it was fun nonetheless. If you are local, follow Soergels Orchards for updates on when they will be open for picking.

little boy picking strawberries at soegels orchard in pittsburgh
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #10: Berry Picking

11: Amusement Parks -- Our annual visits to Idlewild, Kennywood and Sandcastle as a kid were always favorites. With every year that passes, our children get a little older and braver as they go. Make sure you document each trip and capture every stage.

two little girls riding the rides at idlewild amusement park
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #11: Amusement Parks

12: Visiting The Fair -- I admit I had never been to a fair before meeting my husband but my kids love going to the fair every year. It's full of animals, rides and good food and fun.

little girl trying to give a goat a kiss at the fair
Summer Photos You Must Take of Your Kids #12: Visiting the Fair

Before we know it, it will be back to school time and we will all wonder where our summers went. Take advantage of every day and every moment to make this summer the best one yet and don't forget to document it along the way.

All my best,

Danielle Blewitt

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