Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Questions About Photography Sessions with Danielle


My kids never sit still! I'm nervous they won't cooperate!

Yes, kids are wiggly and some more than others but don't stress. With a lifestyle approach, my photo and film sessions are relaxed and casual which is perfect for little wigglers.

If you really don’t feel confident in doing a photo session, I would urge you to consider doing a film session. Film sessions are perfect for active families. I simply follow the action and most times the family doesn’t know I’m recording. Learn more about Family Films here.

Money is tight right now and photos are just not in our budget right now.

I understand the desire for photos, but also know that there isn't always room in the budget for them. If a full family session isn’t in your budget right now, I encourage you to consider a mini session or subscribe to my newsletter for early access to discounted sessions, special offers or any other incentives to help you earn discounts off your session. You can subscribe here.

I take so many pictures on my phone, why should we invest in a professional photographer?

Life is so easy to document these days thanks to the high quality cameras on our phones. However, in most instances there is always one person missing, you! Sure it’s easy to want to dodge any photo opportunities and not want to be in them but these photos aren’t for you. They are for your children. Memories fade and one day these photos will be all that you have to tell your family story – make sure to be in them! Check out this blog post 4 Ways to Get in the Frame.

Picking outfits is stressful, what should we wear?

With every session, I offer a complimentary and professionally coordinated outfit suggestions based on your unique style and the look and feel of photos you want. Don’t stress!

Life is so busy, I’m not sure when we will fit these in.

Life is forever chaotic and it feels like it’s never going to slow down. Trust me, your future self will thank you. Every day…season…year that passes, our little ones grow and change. It’s worth taking the time for photos or even better, creating a Family Film that allows you to stop and pause moments that will one day fade.

What if we need to re-schedule?

Life happens, weather happens…all of the above happens. I’m flexible and happy to shift your session to a time that works better for you.

What is included in the price of the session?

All of my sessions are all-inclusive with the exception of my Mini Session. All-inclusive means the listed prices for my Family, Newborn, Fresh 48, and Birth Photo and Film Sessions include the following:

- complimentary and professional styling based on the look and feel of the photos you want

- pre-session planning session and session time

- one click download of your gallery of professionally edited, high resolution digital images

- print release to print your digital images

How do I book my session?

Booking your session is easy. Inquire About A Session and tell me a little about yourself and what you are looking to capture.

Once we connect and figure out the best way to capture your family, I will send you a formal Booking Proposal. I charge a non-refundable deposit of $100 for mini sessions and $200 for full sessions to reserve your session date or due date on the calendar.

Once the deposit and contract is received, you are officially booked and the fun begins! From there I send you my Prep Guide and a login for your professional styling service.

How long until we get our photos?

All sessions will get photos within 2 weeks from the session date. If you sign the model release and approve, you will get a link to your sneak peek blog post within 3 days after your session. The sneak peek includes 5-7 favorite photos from your session. You can share this on social media or share the link with friends and family. Your gallery will be delivered via email and where you can download your full gallery with one click. Fresh 48 sessions will get 3-5 images within 24 hours of the session.

Can I purchase prints, canvases and other items from you?

Yes, of course. I offer an easy and convenient way to order directly from your gallery. I offer high quality, affordable, quality prints, enlargements, canvases and other items. These items are printed at a professional photo lab that I highly recommend. Regardless of where you choose to print your images, I encourage you to not only print them and enjoy them but be sure to use a professional lab. Please do not use retail locations such as Walgreens or Walmart as their machines are not consistently calibrated to produce professional quality images. Last note! If you do have your items printed, please do not check a box giving the lab permission to "Auto Color Correct" the images!! This is important!

Can I bring my dog to our family photo session?

Absolutey! Our fur babies are family too and they are more than welcome to join you whether it's an on-location family photoshoot or an in-home session. If we are on-location, I usually just have to confirm that dogs are permitted but in most cases they are. If you can, sometimes it helps to enlist a friend or family memeber to assist!

Are you able to do some light retouching if needed?

Yes! I will usually help erase or minimize any non-permanent marks as needed. This could include acne that snuck up, a scratch or dry skin. In most cases, it's a simple retouch and it's included with your session. In the event of the need for more advanced editing, I'll chat with you about retouching options for you to decide.


When are in-home newborn sessions scheduled?

My newborn sessions are usually scheduled 7-21 days after birth but can be done any time really. Contact me once you have had the baby and we will schedule your session. Newborn sessions are usually done Monday through Friday between 10am and 2pm.

Do you provide props?

No, but I always encourage my clients to incorporate items that are special to them. For example, furniture heirlooms, special books/toys, vintage blankets and outfits.

Will you pose the baby?

No, I do not pose newborns. I am a lifestyle newborn photographer. Lifestyle” is a style of portrait photography that aims to capture specific milestones in a real life setting. My shots will include family connection with baby, baby details, baby in nursery, family together in nursery, etc. And I will always use any space in the home with beautiful light.

What if my baby is fussy?

Do not stress. My sessions are relaxed and casual. We will take the baby's lead and feed, change, cuddle as many times as needed.

What should we wear?

For parents and siblings I recommend keeping wardrobe simple for newborn sessions. You don’t want clothing to overshadow your precious little baby. Neutral colors are perfect for parents. Grey, white, cream, navy, and light blues photograph really nicely indoors. For the baby I recommend something from home or a swaddle wrap.

If you are doing a film session, please do not wear stripes as it is difficult to film.


What precautions are now taken for Covid-19?

I take all the precautionary measures I can to minimize the spread of germs during my sessions. I wear a mask to every sessions from the start to finish. I use a longer lens which allows me to keep a nice distance while still capturing beautiful photos. I will do everything to keep the session no contact, asking for any assistance when I need something changed. For any in-home sessions, including newborn sessions, I will wear a mask as well as start the session by washing my hands. For newborn sessions in particular, I will ask the parents to help with moving anything needed during the session.