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Danielle Blewitt Photography

Family Photographer and Film Maker  |  Pittsburgh, PA


Family - Newborn - Maternity - Birth - Fresh 48  | Photos & Films


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Answers to Your Questions About Sessions with Danielle

General FAQ


What happens after I book?

After you book your session, its time to talk details. I want to know what your expectations are and what you would like to get from the session. I will start the conversation with a brief questionnaire and follow up with a phone call. It's my job to capture the details that are most meaningful to you. From there we can talk about session location and what will allow us to capture your story best. I'm happy to recommend locations or work at a location of your choice, whether its a location meaningful to you or in your home. Your photos and keepsake film will tell your story.


Why book a photo and film session?

Films have a way of breathing life into your memories. You can see, hear and feel the moments. Years from now you will be able to replay those moments and relive your memories in vivid details. I had a 4-year old thank me for her film and told me that she cried when she watched it. She continued to tell me how special it was to her. It's an investment you will never regret. Years from now these moving memories will be treasured keepsakes.


Can I do just photos?

Of course!! I would be so honored to capture your moments for whatever season of life you are in. This could include family photos, birth photos, newborn photos or fresh 48 photos. I'm happy to document engagements, maternity or birth announcement photos...whatever it is that you want to remember. 


If we book a film session, what can we expect?

Film sessions require a little more planning than a typical photo session but only because it is important for me to know exactly what is most meaningful to you. I will send you a questionnaire to start the conversation. We will tentatively map out a few ideas of what you want to record. On the day of your session, I will switch back and forth between photos and film. In most cases, families don't even realize when filming is in progress. I often let the family take the lead and I just follow the moment. 

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