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There is nothing more memorable, than your first few weeks with your new baby. Your life has just been forever changed. But it's also a time of adjustment, sleep deprivation and healing. Worrying about your Newborn photos and film will be last on your list of priorities, but I got you.

Your newborn session will be relaxed. I am a lifestyle newborn photographer. "Lifestyle” is a style of portrait photography that aims to capture specific milestones in a real life setting. My shots will include family connection with baby, baby details, baby in nursery, family together in nursery, etc. I use whatever space gives us natural and beautiful light. Learn more about a Lifestyle Newborn Session with me HERE


With a lifestyle approach, there is a minimal amount of posing for both the family and baby. I will often encourage the families to enjoy each other rather than looking at the camera.

Newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your home. Fresh 48 Sessions and Birth Sessions are done in the hospital, or birthing center and will occur within the first 24-48 hours after the baby arrives.

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