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Keepsake Films are new to Pittsburgh but growing in popularity around the world. Film captures moments in life just as photograph does but puts those moment and memories in motion. You can relive some of your greatest moments in full color, sound and in motion.


Life changes too fast. Want to remember the sound of your little ones voice? What about the way they giggle when you tickle them? Have you ever wanted to find a way to document your story in the most meaningful way? Film does this. You can see your memories, hear them and most importantly feel them.

Films are a popular choice for in-home newborn sessions to not only document but introduce your new arrival. They are also great keepsakes for families to document the various and ever-changing seasons of life. Films are also a precious keepsake for documenting the birth of your new baby or documenting a love story of a young couple. 

What do you want to remember most looking back? 

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