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As a family photographer and film maker, I often find myself getting to know, and love, the families I work with l and feel honored to be invited to document some of the most intimate and special moments of their story. Although everyone's story is different, I feel like I can relate so often. 

I am a mom trying to slow down time. 

I am a wife and a mom of two little ones. My family is my everything to me and just like everyone else, I am desperately trying to figure out how slow life down. I am your typical mom with a camera that fell in love with photography when I realized I could freeze time by documenting all of life's moments, the big, small and in-between. 

The best gift for our children.

I once heard someone say that photos and videos were not for the parents, but for the children and I couldn't agree more. So much of my childhood, as I remember it, is told through photos and home videos. I want my children to be able to look back and know how much they were loved. 

Recording memories in motion.

When I stumbled into the world of family film making, it was a game changer for me. As a mom, getting to hear my children's voices, see their little mannerisms and how they interact with each other and my husband completely stole my heart. These Family Films whether it is a birth story, newborn film or just simply a day-in-the-life film captures the essence and feeling of your memories in amazing detail. Films bottle up the memories we are so desperately trying to capture and package them as a beautiful highlight reel for this season of life. 

I want to help you record your family's story in photographs and films. 

Kind Words

newborn photos + film

Words cannot describe how much I love our Newborn Film! To capture the first moments of us as a family is something I will treasure forever! Every time I watch the film, I relive those moments of bringing home our daughter and being a new Mom. A feeling I'll never forget! Thank you, Danielle, for this priceless gift! I look forward to working with you year after year!

Bergan on her Newborn Photos + Family Film

family photos + film

I am love with the fact that I can forever go back to that day and relive it with my girls. I was moved to tears and I still am when I watch our video. Video is such a beautiful way to get the best, most cherished moments of your entire family that we often take for granted. Video captures a beautiful moment in time and allows you and everyone to relive it over and over. It's a beautiful memory that you can actually get back. ♥️

Loretta on her Family Photos + Family Film

family photos + film

I absolutely LOVED working with Danielle! Her Family Film is something I will treasure forever! I love that she captured our everyday moments and our candid interactions. She was also so lovely to work with and is a total pro!

Courtney Brennan on her Family Photos + Film

Personal Work

Capturing life as it happens, the big, small and in between is everything to me.

Here are a few of my reasons why. 


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