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Danielle Blewitt Photography

Family Photographer and Film Maker  |  Pittsburgh, PA


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About Me

I'm Danielle! I'm a wife and a mom of two pre-schoolers and a family photographer in Pittsburgh. I know how fleeting memories can be and I feel incredibly driven to capture moments before they are forgotten.  

I'm your typical mom with a camera that fell hard into a photography obsession. Ever see a mom in the grocery store with a camera? That was probably me. I want to document it all, the big, the small and everything in-between. I feel like every time I blink my kids are getting bigger. It's common to assume that photos and films are for the parents and grandparents but I truly feel it is the best gift we can give our children.


Years from now, these tangible keepsakes will be everything to our children. 

I was asked by a good friend to document the birth of her new baby and I was absolutely honored to do this for her. I started studying birth photographers and inadvertently stumbled into the world of film making and I must say...that was a game changer for me. I watched my first family film and found myself in tears for a family I never met and made by someone I never heard of. The power of video is simply amazing. I made it my mission to not only learn the art of film making but really embrace it. Getting to experience and document the miracle of child birth was such a blessing. I also got to deliver the video in person to my dear friend and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the room. What an amazing keepsake.

Being able to photograph and film some of life's greatest moments - big, small and in-between is what motivates me. 

Kind Words

The entire experience making our video was wonderful. Danielle captured the little treasures of my girls, their little giggles of pure joy and their sweet little voices talking about what is important for them....princesses and Halloween. Our video is filled with moments that I didn't even know she captured! I am love with the fact that I can forever go back to that day and relive it with my girls. I was moved to tears and I still am when I watch our video or show it to somebody. Video is such a beautiful way to get the best, most cherished moments of your entire family that we often take for granted. Our video is just a day at the park playing with our girls. It's who we are! We didn't even know Danielle was filming most of the time and even better, my girls didn't seem to notice they were being filmed. I love our video! I highly recommend video to capture those little giggles, smiles and precious moments that you share as a family. Photos are beautiful and we did those too, but video captures a beautiful moment in time and allows you and everyone to relive it over and over. It's a beautiful memory that you can actually get back. ♥️

LORETTA COFFIN on her Family Film and Photos

"Danielle is a passionate, approachable and confident photographer. She truly has a great eye and can capture moments one wouldn’t expect. During our sessions, she made us feel so comfortable and we had fun! Family photos can be stressful, but Danielle made it easy. And the quality of her editing is fantastic. We highly recommend Danielle. She will be capturing our special family moments for decades to come!"

LAURA MASON on her Family Photo Session

"Danielle has captured some of my favorite photos of my family. From 24 hours after the birth of my son to just playing in the park, I couldn't ask for a better photographer to document how we felt at that moment in time. But the video she made was unbelievable. I will always have those tiny voices and laughter to remember because of her. Her video brought out so much emotion in everyone who watched it. I'm so grateful to her for capturing this time so beautifully. My only regret is not having her there to document the birth of my son. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for video or photos."

STEPHANIE STEPHENSON on her Family Film and Photo Session

Personal Work

Capturing life as it happens, the big, small and in between is everything to me.

Here are a few of my reasons why.